Carol Bove

Courtesy of the artist and Maccarone Carol Bove's sculptures installed in the gallery's sideyard


Past Event

Location Info:

300 S Mission Rd
Los Angeles, CA  90033
The most strikingly opaque of the four large sculptures Carol Bove installed in Maccarone gallery’s long and skinny gravel side yard has the longest title: Love Fashions the Sidereal Body of the One In the Image and Likeness of the Other. The line comes from the writing of Eliphas Levi, a French magician and occultist, and the sculpture could certainly pass as some mysterious ritual object. Petrified wood protrudes from a steel column, an organic head on an industrial body. Another of Bove’s sculpture, Cat’s Paw, is less austere: it consists of a twisted body of bright yellow steel guarded by a weather-ravaged sheet of metal and topped by a perfect black wheel.


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