CamLab: With Respect To...

CamLab: With Respect To...

Courtesy of the artists An exhibition visitor reads at the podium that is part of CamLab's installation, Holding Hearing Court (Accompany) (2015)


Past Event

Location Info:

Occidental College, Bird Studio
1600 Campus Rd.
Eagle Rock, CA  90041
When artist-writer Miranda July profiled Rihanna for the New York Times last month, she wanted to ask Rihanna about “being a young black woman with power in America.” But it seemed “somehow wrong.” July skirted around the question, but Rihanna answered it directly anyway: when she did “business deals” she felt judged for her race and attractiveness. “People can assume something about me without knowing me, just by my packaging.” An excerpt of this profile appears in the collective CamLab’s current show at Occidental College, in a binder labeled “Co-dependence.” At the opening last week, visitors were welcome to stand on a podium and read from that binder, or from another labeled “Force.” Life-size cut outs of CamLab’s members, Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman, dressed in lush fabric but posed like sentinels, flank the podiums. The show also includes a feminist library and a miniature archive of art about rape. It’s worth noting that Occidental has been plagued by campus rape scandals in recent years. The show is meant to be a tender space that encourages questions that make us nervous.


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