Black Sunday and Lisa and the Devil

<i>Black Sunday</i> and <i>Lisa and the Devil</i>

Galatea Film


Fri., Aug. 18, 7:30 p.m. 2017

Mario Bava was an unpretentious surrealist who expanded the visual possibilities of the horror genre. The American Cinematheque is mounting a generous five-night tribute to this master stylist, presented by Cinematic Void. If you're a Bava newbie, it's probably best to start with Black Sunday, the creepy tale of a centuries-old witch who rises from the grave to stalk one of her descendants. This is followed by Lisa and the Devil, a lyrical haunting party featuring Telly Savalas as a cue ball–domed Lucifer. Barbara Steele, the uncontested scream queen of 1960s horror cinema, is slated to introduce the first feature.


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