Barrows, QunQ, Facial, Moaning

Barrows, QunQ, Facial, Moaning

Photo by Alexandre Souêtre Barrows


Past Event

Location Info:

The Echoplex
1154 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
Beginning a monthlong residency at the Echoplex, L.A. group Barrows churn out extended, propulsive slabs of sound that are simultaneously hypnotic yet also very heavy. Call them post-rock or post-punk, but it doesn’t really matter as the quartet craft darkly engrossing instrumental passages on their upcoming album, Obsidion. The bass-heavy tracks have curt, one-word titles, such as “Zenith” and “Entrada,” that belie their sprawling lengths. As with Barrows’ previous releases, the new record is a kind of concept album, in this case about a man who is “abducted from Earth and brought to Obsidion, a place where dimension is indefinable.” That vague storyline is merely an excuse to launch spacey, metallic forays into distortion and volume that are occasionally broken up with more melodic interludes.
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