Art Opening: The Nature of Things

Art Opening: The Nature of Things

Artists took photos Lillian Abel, Tracey Weiss, Karrie Ross Art Opening at the Mike Kelley Gallery at Beyond Baroque


Sat., June 10, 4-7 p.m. 2017
no fee
The Mike Kelley Gallery invites three artists to celebrate “The Nature of Things”. In a world currently filled with uncertainties the attention to ‘all things Nature’ allows us a freedom of, and connection to the differences in our world. Each day we are called on to make choices about how to live, to be. A showing-up for the not so simple phenomena of the physical world, landscapes, animals, plants; the not so easy human condition man-made structures, social rules; and the never superficial inherent beauty of things—their sense of magic. Each with a language of its own when perception gets a hold on our soul, and we can’t look away from what they demand of us. Art has a way of saving “things” from extinction, even if it’s just a simple, easy, depth of a new color, sound, distraction from—there is nothing so compelling when it comes to an artistic view. Exhibition Dates are June 3 thru July 5, 2017 Gallery A: Lillian Abel, “Energy” “Energy” My work depicts Nature, however, it is made in my studio from memory, impulse and emotions. Lillian Abel is a Los Angeles based artist who creates paintings that provoke a response to the unknown. Gallery B: Tracey Weiss, “Metamorphosis” “Metamorphosis” is an investigation into the innate cycle of nature, as well as our own society. Tracey Weiss is a Long Beach based artist who creates sculpture from found objects, as well as ceramics. Gallery C: Karrie Ross, “Balance & Flow” “Balance & Flow” continues the questions for how exposure to higher vibrations, deep thinking, and taking actions are able to twist perception and create the ability to make conscious choices affecting growth on the cellular level. Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles based visual artist, who offers choices, and a sense of ‘safe’ through paintings, and interactive installations, allowing a twisting of perceptions using kinetic-ly infused visual experiences. *** The Mike Kelley Gallery is part of historic Beyond Baroque, one of the United States’ leading independent Literary / Arts Centers and public spaces dedicated to expanding the public’s knowledge of art, poetry, and literature through cultural events and community interaction. Founded in 1968, Beyond Baroque is based out of the original City Hall building in Venice, California. Gallery and Bookstore Hours: Friday: 3pm to 10pm; Saturday: 3pm to 10pm They have an active scheduling of events throughout the week as well as Sundays. Check their website for best hours. Mike Kelley Gallery Beyond Baroque 681 N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 Phone: 310-822-3006
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