Ann Magnuson

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Ann Magnuson is the kind of restlessly provocative Renaissance woman who might be elusive and hard to define and yet tends to show up like Wonder Woman just when she’s needed the most. In the past, the former New Yorker has personified a large galaxy of mundanely bizarre characters as a star of sitcoms and films (Anything but Love, Making Mr. Right) and as the voice of such subversively unpredictable bands as Bongwater. Tonight she returns to the soon-to-be-demolished Steve Allen Theater for a show she’s pointedly titled Seriously, WTF?! — Dream Girl Reacts to the National Nightmare. Backed by bassist Marc Doten and drummer Joe Berardi (Deadbeats/Fibonaccis), Magnuson debuts a Trump-inspired spoken-word opus and post–Election Day anti-hymns, alongside her twisted glam-pop reinterpretations of famous protest songs and “freshly relevant” Bongwater oldies.
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