Ann Hirsch: "Private Residence"

Ann Hirsch: "Private Residence"

Courtesy of the artist and Steve Turner Contemporary Ann Hirsch's Tish (2017)


Past Event

Location Info:

Steve Turner Contemporary
6830 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90038

Ann Hirsch drew directly on the wall for "Private Residence," her solo show in Steve Turner's project gallery. Along one wall, a pastel-colored garden transitions into a sea of naked bodies mingling with social media iconography. Facebook's new message bubble floats above a women whose arms and legs are bound. An Instagram icon hovers beside a chain of three gender-ambiguous bodies hanging on for dear life — the first body has an arm on a ledge, the second holds the first's hand and the third holds the second by the ankle. It's all very precarious and full. On top of the wall drawings, Hirsch has hung a series of large horizontal paintings of reclining, curvy female nudes, posed just like the sensuous women in revered old master paintings (think Titian's Venus of Urbino from 1538 or Ingres' Grande Odalisque from 1814). Her figures have multicolored eyes and almost haggard features. They're too distracted, perhaps, by the scenes on the wall behind them to be sultry and voluptuous in an old-fashioned way.


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