Andy Warhol: Revisited

Revolver Gallery


Past Event
Free (by online reservation only)

Location Info:

Revolver Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, D4
Santa Monica, CA  90404
ANDY WARHOL: REVISITED is a touring exhibition celebrating the iconic artist’s work. The exhibition began on June 15th, 2017and runs through to September 4th. Warhol Revisited includes over 200 works of art in rotation. The exhibition is free to the public (by reservation only). Revolver Gallery has a one-artist program exclusively dealing in Andy Warhol prints and paintings, making it the only of its kind. Revolver also has the largest gallery owned collection of the artist’s works worldwide, with over 250 works in inventory. Revolver Gallery is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Andy Warhol’s legacy.


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