Alice in Trumperland

Courtesy Edahn Small


Past Event

Location Info:

Second City Studio Theater
6560 Hollywood Blvd., Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90028

You've read Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and have seen the movies. You may even be familiar with the 1976 porn film, Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy. Now watch Second City's political satire, Alice in Trumperland. Directed by Tom Seidman, the theater's latest musical spoof features cast members Mike Bash, Mike Davis, Brooke Esperanza, Lauren Michaels, Lena Milan, Clare Snodgrass, Sam Taha, Jared Waltzer and Alison Yates singing their way through the famous children's story, but with a twist: It's 2009, and Alicia, a young, Hispanic DREAMer, falls down the rabbit hole and into a fantasy future populated by bizarre characters that look eerily similar to certain famous politicians. Think Bernie Sanders as the Cheshire Cat, Steve Bannon as the Mad Hatter and Donald Trump as the Red Queen.


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