Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Aether Realm


Past Event

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Whisky A Go-Go
8901 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Well, this should be interesting. In one corner, we have Alestorm, a pirate-themed metal band that pushes the “yo-ho-ho” imagery to the max with its rum and ale, baggy shirts and tricorner hats. In the other, there’s Nekrogoblikon, an L.A.-based band that has a singer who dresses up like a goblin and winds up looking like a cross between Mortiis and Yoda. Fantasy role-play aside, this bill sees two like-minded, super-theatrical thrash-metal bands collide, both blessed with big riffs and very anthemic, olde-worldy folkish tunes. The evening will be all about having fun and banging heads to hugely silly songs for the sole purpose of escapism, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
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