Ajay Kurian: "Unilateral Educational Disarmament"

Ajay Kurian: "Unilateral Educational Disarmament"

Photo by Mike Hansen Ajay Kurian’s "Unilateral Educational Disarmament"


Past Event

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4300 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90016
Artist Ajay Kurian’s "Unilateral Educational Disarmament" is a vaguely militarized, candy-colored gym class nightmare. Installed at JOAN, Kurian’s show begins in a darkened entryway, with a vitrine lit green like fish tanks often are. Bells and tiny gingerbread men populate the plastic, chintzy scene. Then, in the main room, child-sized figures with melted metal limbs and heads without features climb ropes and loiter. They wear gym shorts and T-shirts. “I saw Napoleon on horse back,” one shirt says. Kurian’s kids feel like pawns with attitudes, training for some futuristic battle they don’t even know about yet.
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