Agent Orange, D.I.

Photo by John Leach Agent Orange


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Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar
6251 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA  90803
Both of these groups came of age in Orange County in the early ’80s, when the traditional Johnny Thunders style of hard-rocking punk rock was speeding up and mutating into its more metallic and sinister hardcore cousin. Agent Orange also distinguished themselves early on by becoming one of the first bands to mix punk and surf music in equal doses. When singer-guitarist Mike Palm juiced up “Pipeline” and “Miserlou” with thick layers of fuzz and distortion, those classic instrumentals suddenly sounded so savage and loud that venues soon were required to post signs warning about the trio’s Who-like decibel levels. D.I. started out as a spinoff of the Adolescents, with onetime drummer Casey Royer moving up to lead vocals and growling such morbid ditties as “Richard Hung Himself” and “Johnny’s Got a Problem.”
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