AfterParty Live Storytelling Show

AfterParty Live Storytelling Show

Photo by Andy Marx Anna David and Danielle Stewart of AfterParty.


Fri., Dec. 18, 8 p.m. 2015
You may have heard a drinker or two spread the nasty rumor that addicts and alcoholics in recovery are no fun. Not so — in fact, people who’ve managed to face down their demons tend to have some pretty funny stories to tell. Brave people in the process of kicking a habit dredge up their pasts for AfterParty Magazine’s monthly live storytelling show about “drinking, drugging and other shit we don’t do anymore.” This month’s show features author/Nickelodeon host Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Sex Box host Danielle Stewart, comedian Mary Patterson Broome, writer Sevasti Iyama and author/AfterParty founder Anna David. As David puts it, “It’s like a choreographed, funny AA meeting.”


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