Charlie Mohl


Wed., May 24, 9-10 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Second City Studio Theater
6560 Hollywood Blvd., Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90028
Surely, you’ve heard of the Birther movement? Well, what about the Afterbirther movement? On November 8th 2016, the country’s water broke, and so did the levees. Something wicked, and orange was brewing in her womb for the previous 9 months. On that fateful day, a new country was born. From the people who couldn't get tickets to Hamilton: Afterbirth of a Nation. Spend an evening with one of Second City Hollywood’s most diverse group of writers and performers. We even have a pansexual Asian woman. Wow. Progressive. We, the Afterbirthers, in order to form a more perfect union, asked ourselves some difficult questions and engaged in conversation of the highest caliber, really bigly conversation. And, all that led to some groundbreaking sketches and songs. How did you cope with your feelings after hearing the words…ugh, President Trump? Did you join the he who must not be named President club? Grab your pussy in fear? Perhaps you yelled at a Bernie bro, or pounded back a bottle of vermouth after 20 years sober. Maybe you’re one of those special snowflakes who knew what was coming all along, and simply laughed at your naïve friends. Better still, you may have even voted for No. 45 and now feel a sense of vindication and relief knowing your guy is appointing billionaires to office, stripping environmental protections, dismissing science as bloomfluff, firing the people investigating him for crimes, dismantling the very basis of the United States as a space place to immigrate to, and so much more yet to come. We the Afterbirthers believe, that doesn’t matter. Come watch the show and you’ll know, you’re welcome. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who or what you voted for, you have to suffer the consequences along with the rest of us. But all isn’t lost. We’ll teach you how to smile through racism, dance through oppression, and throw back the Molotov cocktails like a boss. This show only runs for one night though, so make sure to come out and see; Oscar Ramirez, Charlie Mohl, Erik Orjiako, Alex Prewitt, Sam Taha, and Samantha Campbell directed by the ultra talented Rebekah Walendzak and the greatest A.D Anni Speckheuer If you miss this show, you may as well have been aborted. Viva la Resistance – We are : AFTERBIRTH OF A NATION
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