Adventures in Kombucha Home-Brewing

Adventures in Kombucha Home-Brewing

Kombucha Hunter Bring mom & her ticket is 50% off!


Sat., May 13, 2-3:30 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

As We Dwell
1131 E. 5th St.
los angeles, california  90013
Do you love kombucha? Want to learn how to make it yourself, right in your own home? We’ll walk you through the entire brewing process in our 90-minute intensive course, leaving no stone unturned. From selecting the right teas, to developing the ideal fermentation lengths and environment for your brews—our course will teach you how to make the fizziest, tastiest kombucha ever! We will also show you how to flavor your kombucha, where to source your ingredients, and create unique flavor combinations that will blow you away! The course includes your very own scoby, detailed brewing instructions, a tasting of a variety of our own brews and an elaborate Q&A portion. We are offering a "Special Mother's Day Edition!" — bring your mom and she gets 50% off!


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