Adonna Khare's "Between the Lines"

Adonna Khare's "Between the Lines"

Lora Schlesinger Gallery Adonna Khare, Elephant Clothesline, carbon pencil on paper, 5 x 13'


Past Event

Location Info:

Lora Schlesinger Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave., B5b
Santa Monica, CA  90404
Adonna Khare’s new drawings are an ongoing exploration of life, and the joy and pain of living. Through the many fine strokes and delineating detail, Khare utilizes animals as vessels to illustrate stories about family, childbirth, relationships and the interconnectivity of all living things. The world she recreates on paper is inspired by personal experiences. Each drawing is developed spontaneously, allowing her to react and record the complexities of life. Her limitless imagination is captured in an astonishing and curious world of animals coexisting with hybrid creatures. Although the entangled kingdoms are rich with animalia; traces of our humanity and the effects we have on the environment can be found in the work. In Elephant Clothesline, elephants tether a clothesline with white garments against a stormy dark background. The storm an allusion to climate change, is a storm of change and uncertainty. It serves as a reminder that we have an influence over the environment and that our choices have an impact on the world. The opening reception will be held, Saturday October 22, 5-7 pm.


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