A LOT OF RAINBOWS MAKE TEARS by Louise Ingalls Sturges

A LOT OF RAINBOWS MAKE TEARS by Louise Ingalls Sturges

Desi Moore


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Showboat Gallery
6152 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042
A LOT OF RAINBOWS MAKE TEARS a solo show by Louise Sturges is up now and will be up until the closing reception which is on October 13th, 2016 6-9pm. (the delicious 505 food truck will also be there that night!) Here is further information on the show and thank you for the consideration! http://www.showboatgallery.com/ “A Lot of Tears Make Rainbows”, an exhibition of mixed-media works by Brooklyn-based artist, Louise Ingalls Sturges will be on view at Showboat Gallery, 6152 York Boulevard, Los Angeles from September 10-October 13, 2016 Showboat Gallery will feature Louise Ingalls Sturges’ visual explorations created between 2013 and 2016. Sturges investigates topics like independence, friendship, uniqueness, joy, hope, love and mortality, with a nod to the politics of freedom and of feminism. Using a vast range of mediums including sequined textiles, painting, collage and photography - always in a kaleidoscope of color - Sturges buries secrets within each piece, calling on the viewer to get close. A Lot Of Tears Make Rainbows is a cheerful but melancholic exhibition, steeped in the storm of a brewing and controversial presidential election and the perpetual violence seen on the nightly news, while strongly infused with positivity and hope for peace. There are emotional and political parallels between Sturges’s work and that which was made in the psychedelic war-torn past, enhanced ever more so by the inclusion of vintage materials from those times. Her work is faintly nostalgic, somehow familiar, and yet all together new, made from diverse materials available now in the digital era of instagram. This results in a uniquely amalgamated and thus modern voice within the landscape of American art.
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