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The Consonance of Fowl

Hatched cute and fuzzy, competitively bred for sacrifice to the gods Sanders, Ryckebosch and Zacky Farms, how well do you know your dinner?

Turkey Trivia Challenge (http://www.plainvillefarms.com/turktriv.htm) asks popular questions to the following answers, respectively: meleagris gallopovo, 18 pounds; hen; poult; molt; wattle; sandwich; june; corn; 103_; 3500; all of the above; North Carolina; flock: comb; Tom.

The Cut Up Chicken, Part I (http://www.ianr.unl.edu/pubs/foods/heg145.htm) Through a series of 24 dramatically unglamourous and explicitly captioned photographs, Daniel E. Bigbee, Extension Poultry Specialist at the University of Nebraska, shows you how to divide a chicken carcass into the popular and traditional breast with ribs, wings, thighs with back and, for the kids, drumsticks. (Download the JPEGs to start your dead-bird clip-art library.)

Legless Chicken Walking from CNN's video archives. Having lost both claws and lower legs to frostbite at the end of 1996, "Mr. Chicken," a four-pound rooster from Jackson, Michigan, now sports "Air Gordons" - bright green prosthetic legs created by physical therapist Gordon Allen of nearby Battle Creek.