You Can't Spell Obama With B-a-m-f-o-r-d

Who said: “I love my country. Maybe that’s because I’m rich. I’m not technically rich, but I do have a lot of shit that I don’t need that I refuse to share with others. And that feels solid.” If you answered “Maria Bamford,” then you already have your tickets to Stand Up for Obama. The comics on the bill, along with Ms. Bamford, include host Vance Sanders, Natasha Leggero, Andy Kindler, Rick Overton, Melinda Hill (yes, her again) and Denise Munro Robb, who tells one of my jokes, but does it much funnier: “I have car insurance but no medical insurance, so whenever I get really sick I have to get in my car and smash it up.”
Wed., Sept. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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