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Who's Your Vampyr?

Between Warren Jeffs and Mitt Romney, Mormonism has enjoyed a severe image downgrade of late, but Twilight author Stephenie Meyer gets our vote as the single most damaging force yet regurgitated from the fantastical bowels of the LDS lunatic set. Her reduction of a cherished horror icon -- the vampire -- to an inarticulate adolescent (apparently content to attend high school for decades) ranks as an unforgivable act of brain-dead perversion, but this special 90th-anniversary screening of be-all end-all vampyr flick Nosferatu should go a long way toward rectifying Meyers' asinine representation. The brilliant 1922 F.W. Murnau classic delivers -- and how -- with one of the most terrifying, eerie and intoxicatingly repulsive characterizations of the undead ever conceived. As faithful an adaptation of Bram Stoker's groundbreaking 1897 novel as ever was lensed, Nosferatu, with its boundlessly supernatural atmospherics and one of the most marvelously grotesque make-up jobs ever, easily transcends even Dracula's potent bill of scare. Swarming with rats and implicit menace, this venerable masterpiece, presented here in as clean a 35 mm print as they can muster and with live musical accompaniment, definitely never wears out its un-welcome mat. Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.., Hlywd.; Sun., Oct 28, 4 p.m. $11, $9 seniors & students. (323) 466-3456; american​
Sun., Oct. 28, 4 p.m., 2012


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