What Did You Do in the War, Soldier?

With absurd markups on alcohol in restaurants, it seems impossible to get a good buzz when your pockets don't run knee-deep. So what's better than finding a place that sells cheap beer? Finding a place that gives out free beer. That's what you get, and more, at GORUCK's War Stories and Free Beer. The traveling get-together serves as an outlet for military veterans to share their stories, a learning environment for the thankful or curious and a way to raise funds for veteran organizations. The free beer is a tasty bonus, but the idea is that its presence will lighten the mood and make the storyteller -- and listener -- feel a little more at ease. GORUCK, wisely, is asking beer to do what beer does best -- make everything a little better. All ages are welcome to the war stories; 21 and older are welcome to the beer. Deutsch Media, 5454 Beethoven St., Playa Vista; Thurs., June 20, 6 p.m.; $10, with proceeds donated. goruck.com/Events/WarStoriesAndFreeBeer.
Thu., June 20, 6 p.m., 2013


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