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The Lange Road to Recovery

Heroin. Cocaine. Booze. Pizza. The human wrecking ball known as Artie Lange was pretty unapologetic about his vices in his best-selling 2008 memoir Too Fat to Fish. The New York-based comedian's terrifying stories of drug addiction and self-destruction during his days on MadTV, with The Howard Stern Show and in feature films were funny largely because the man survived to tell them. His newest book, Crash and Burn, which he'll be signing and discussing, picks up not long after the last one ended -- with a suicide attempt, a mental institution and rehab. Thankfully, Lange's ability to pinpoint the humor in these horrible situations helps to turn his misery into hearty laughter, both for himself and his audience. He's now sober, back behind a radio microphone and taking life one fat joke at a time. Barnes & Noble, 189 The Grove Drive, Fairfax District; Mon., Nov. 4, 7 p.m.; free. (323) 525-0270,
Mon., Nov. 4, 7 p.m., 2013


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