Thanks to the hit series Glee, mainstream culture is now attuned to the goofy charms of the high school choir scene: the "let's put on a show" spirit, the genuine affection for pop-musical cheese, the song-and-dance precocity of the kids themselves -- only the most humorless of churls can resist. Unfortunately for Glee enthusiasts, the last new episode aired in December, and the next one doesn't screen until April. This Saturday, in Long Beach, however, a fix can be had, when the Terrace Theater hosts the FAME Los Angeles Show-Choir Competition, a showcase for top choirs on the West Coast. Among the local troupes doing battle will be Sound Vibrations from Newhall's Hart High and Sound FX from Los Alamitos High. Rest assured, these kids can turn it out as winningly as their TV counterparts. They bring to the stage years of training, polished showmanship and a frisson of gentle camp. Set to mash-ups of five pop songs each and choreographed down to the heeltap, their dance routines are whirling cocktails of Broadway, jazz and hip-hop. When it all comes together, it's as bubbly and exhilarating as a Kir Royale.
Sat., March 6, 10:30 a.m., 2010

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