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Finally, a convention to honor herpes. Yup, big ones, slimy ones, the horned variety and those with scales. The great thing about herpes is that anyone can get 'em--black, white, Muslim, Jew, Tea Bagger. Even Carly Fiorina. No one's immune. In fact, at this second annual celebration, the aim is to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of this much-maligned group. Specialist Dr. Peter Prichard will be present answer pressing questions, along with live music, "hands-on" activities, educational organizations, crafts, experts and artists. Uh… wait a minute… Uh-oh… On second glance at the press release, this event is to honor herpetology, not herpes, at Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day . We're talking lizards, tortoises, skinks, reticulated pythons, crocodilians, toads, turtles (turns out, Pritchard is a turtle expert). So come out of your shell, and kiss a snake.
Sun., Oct. 3, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2010


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