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Summer in the City

Summer in L.A. is all about the right to bare arms — and a whole lot more. Being cool and keeping cool. Flash, trash, splash or high-fash, everyone has their own version of summer. Bikini tops with low-rise jeans, seersucker suits, chiffon dresses, ruffle skirts hiked up to whoops or demurely flouncing below the knee, shorts low and baggy or daisy-duked. Cruising the streets from Larchmont to Highland Park, Pasadena to Hollywood, one common theme prevails: Ultimately, comfort rules.

 Greg Smith
Studio City

 Kim Thomas

 Dwight Ewell

 Miljohn Ruperto
Los Feliz

 Piper Pollard, Logan Pollard
and Mackenzie Baker
Pacific Palisades

 Samantha Ferreira

 Amy Silver and Alannah Enriquez

 Tarina Pouncy
Los Angeles

 Noel Kelso
North Hollywood

 Yuki Ando


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