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Stuffed-animal solar system

The Lion King debuted in 1994, three years after Mike Kelley first exhibited his 23-part sculpture Deodorized Central Mass With Satellites and five years before he stopped adding to it. If you look up at the only mostly orange "satellite," a big ball of stuffed animals suspended in air, you'll see a small Simba, stuffed in amidst tigers and Garfield toys. Simba still looks new and clean. Some of the other animals are dirty, clearly used, and probably from thrift stores. But at Perry Rubenstein Gallery -- the first U.S. space to exhibit this work -- the animals are in a privileged position. They're grouped into 12 balls and hung around the 800-pound monster of colored fur in the middle. Ten smooth, spaceshiplike "deodorizers" Kelly made out of lacquered fiberglass hang on all four sides, emitting a Pine-Sol smell every few minutes from small, perfect holes near their bottoms. 1215 N. Highland Ave.; through Dec. 15. (310) 395-1001,
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Nov. 2. Continues through Dec. 15, 2012


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