Unintentional though its humor may be, it's hard to make the 1936 antimarijuana propaganda flick, Reefer Madness, any funnier than it already is -- though not impossible. The Hudson Theater musical version (subsequently made into a Showtime movie) was pretty hysterical, and this week the Valley comedy stalwarts at L.A. Connection take a whack at rejiggering the tokes and giggles with DUB-A-VISION , kicking off an LAC series of once-monthly events at Laemmle’s Royal Theatre. In the spirit of their redubbed movie classics -- and their cult '80s series, Mad Movies, an episode of which will screen after the film -- LAC’s voice-over pros will take to the front row with mikes in hand and all manner of pot humor at the tips of their tongues to give Reefer Madness a timely update. (Word has it the film’s school principal is now the president of a company helping John Q. Public set up medical-marijuana dispensaries. Clever, LAC… clever.)
Thu., Jan. 14, 10 p.m., 2010

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