In Bricklayers With a Sense of Humor, choreographer and longtime observer of human behavior Arianne Hoffman posits that whether jockeying for better position on the freeway, maneuvering around the boss at work or getting past the guy at the velvet rope, our day-to-day lives are rife with political decisions. With help from dancers Tehya Baxter, Rachel Lopez, Audrey Malone, Rebecca Pappas, Angeline Shaka and Ally Voye, Hoffman's newest set of movement scores impose restrictions that instigate movement reactions with different types of restrictions. Hoffman contends that the need to respond physically to life's obstacles and constraints is analogous to political leaders' wielding powers that range from democratic to dictatorial. Douglas Wadle contributes the sound scores.
March 5-6, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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