Nerd Up

Who would win a fight between Superman and Gandalf? Nerds, of course! UCB's Tournament of Nerds, hosted by Hal Rudnick and Justin Donaldson (pictured), pits nerd against nerd in impassioned arguments over improbable fantasy showdowns. Thor vs. Voltron? Darth Vader vs. Pikachu? Mr. Miyagi vs. Chewbacca? Jason Voorhees vs. The Hulk? Wonder Woman vs. Idi Amin? Ferris Bueller vs. Manny Pacquiao? Two comedians get one minute each to make their case, with a 30-second rebuttal, until the verdict comes down from the Panel of Doom. It's like debate club for geeks! Oh, wait.
Sun., June 19, midnight, 2011

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