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Let there be many lights

British curator Matthew Higgs, who's good at leveling playing fields, organized Richard Telles Fine Art's new show, "Illuminations." It's full of artist-made lamps, so its title couldn't be more apt. But the effect isn't as obvious as it sounds. Artist Amy Yao's lit-up half-pipes sit on the floor, like little sausages, a resemblance Yao emphasizes by arranging photos of sausage links on the base of one of her lamps. Josef Strau's lamp, which has its shade on upside down, is attached to an iPod mini and speakers that play a deep-voiced, monotone narrative: "The street was hot and I walked on the side without shadows." 7380 Beverly Blvd.; through Aug. 10. (323) 965-5578,
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: June 29. Continues through Aug. 10, 2013


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