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Has there been an unluckier schmuck on TV than Larry David? Curb Your Enthusiasm revolved around David's not-so-fictional, walking kick-me-sign character landing himself in one embarrassing predicament after another. But, really, it's usually everyone else's fault: nannies from hell; blind men who took advantage of him; friends who asked for his kidney. And wouldn't you make a fuss is someone was taking too long sampling free ice cream? It's a wonder David never jumped out of a window like his other not-so-fictional, suicidal character in Woody Allen's 2009 Whatever Works . As part of the Paley Center's PaleyFest 2010, the show's cast and crew -- including David, Cheryl Hines (David's long-suffering shiksa wife), Jeff Garlin (David's philandering manager/best friend) and Susie Essman (Garlin's ball-busting wife) -- gather to reflect on seven seasons, which ended with the highly-anticipated Seinfeld reunion. Pre-ttay, pre-ttay good.
Sun., March 14, 7 p.m., 2010


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