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Donuts in the machine

Revealing exactly what happens when you walk into the first room of David Snyder's exhibition at Michael Benevento gallery might ruin the effect, which is quite good and involves motors, uncovered light bulbs with pull chains and whirring noises. The sculpture in the main space whirs, too, and dings and emits radio voices, coming to life as you get close. It's a funguslike, charred, ceiling-tall canopy draped over wood scaffolding and machinery, which you can see only through a slit on the wall-facing side -- you also can see, inexplicably, a pile of donuts through that slit. All this, and the dilapidated, nonfunctional bleachers in front of the film playing in the gallery's second space, feels idiosyncratically apocalyptic, like the big one came and the backyard scientists survived. 7578 Sunset Blvd.; through Nov. 2. (323) 874-6400,
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Sept. 18. Continues through Nov. 2, 2013


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