A live oral-history panel on the downtown punk scene

Do you remember when we were at that Gun Club show at Madame Wong's and that guy puked on your Doc Martens? No? Me neither. But some of you were there and won't want to miss "The Parties, The Punks, The Present," a "live oral-history panel" on the old downtown clubs and bars where a man could go to mutilate himself and sing about it. Paul Greenstein (Madame Wong's, Atomic Cafe), Lili Lakich (Museum of Neon Art), Judith Hansen (Gorky's), Regina O'Brien (Plastic Passion) and (tentatively) Mark Kriesel (Al's Bar) try not to cry as they remember the tears, the songs, the laughter, etc. Sun., Feb. 17, 3-5 p.m., 2008


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