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Best Woodworking Class Los Angeles 2013 

Community Woodshop

For a creative city, L.A. certainly doesn't do much woodworking. A lot of people don't have garages here, which may be the main barrier, and we also don't have any idea what we're doing. Here's a chance to fix that. Community Woodshop opened last year in an industrial building in Glassell Park. In addition to offering the city's best woodworking class, it may also be the only one. "A lot of people are stuck behind a computer all day," owner Scott Stevens says. "This is an outlet to get their hands dirty and build something real." Learn how to make a bench or a bookshelf or something. Members can come in and work independently. Bonus: Molten Metal Works is in the same building, and they'll teach you to weld. 2558 N. San Fernando Road, Glassell Park. (626) 755-4202,; (626) 808-3725,

—Gene Maddaus

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