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Best Theme Park Ride Los Angeles 2013 

Transformers Ride at Universal Studios

Humans manning the robot-turned-vehicle Evac are on a mission to help Autobot transformers stop evil Decepticon robots from destroying Earth. The moment the Transformers ride at Universal Studios begins, you are immersed in fierce action amidst burning skyscrapers and shattering glass — thanks to ultra-high-definition 3-D glasses and 30-foot-tall photorealistic scenes in which you feel certain you are embedded (they're really playing on massive, undetectable screens). You're sitting in a "motion-base" vehicle, as in Disneyland's Star Tours, which means that while you feel as if you're plummeting hundreds of feet, you're actually in a two-story elevator. Heat warms your face as a Megatron missile starts to fry you, but you survive. At the victorious end, huge Optimus Prime looks proudly into your eyes and praises your service. This fantasy is so gorgeously detailed that you wish Evac could slow it all down a notch — there's just too much to see. 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 91608. (800) 864-8377, universalstudioshollywood.com. —Jill Stewart

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