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Best Place to Park at LAX Los Angeles 2013 

Jackson Parking

Jackson Parking has barely any of the things that seem important for long-term parking near LAX. For starters, it's not even a parking lot — it's a limo service that offers long-term parking as a side business. It has no fancy office — you might find yourself waiting for your ride to the airport in a room of cast-off car seats. It's not even close to the airport — it's about 8 miles away in Hyde Park. And yet somehow, even with all this, it is cheaper, more convenient and more customer-oriented than any of the other options we've tried. How cheap? $6.99 a day. How convenient? A driver takes you to your departure airline and then picks you up personally when you return — no waiting for a shuttle under a random sign in the middle of traffic. Even the distance from the airport doesn't seem so bad when you consider how long it can take at other lots to pick up and drop off all the other customers in a shuttle — Jackson's friendly drivers will get you to the curb outside your terminal in about 15 minutes. And while it's not guaranteed, Jackson will usually wash your car for you (for free!) while you're gone. 3669 W. Slauson Ave., Hyde Park, 90043. (800) 522-9955. —Besha Rodell

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