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Best 3-D Nail Artist Los Angeles 2013 

Nail Swag

Four years ago, Natalie Nichole couldn't find an L.A.-area salon to give her the 3-D Japanese nail art she wanted, so she decided to start doing it herself.  Today she's one of the most sought-after nail artists in Hollywood, yet she's still accessible to the public — a rarity in this town. Nichole calls her business Nail Swag, and to her, 10 fingers are simply 10 little canvases, ready for the painting. From acrylics to gel overlays on natural nails, she'll take any idea you come up with — whether it's disco ball–inspired nails or the Pantone color of the year — and turn it into the most Instagrammable work of nail art you've ever seen. Email for an appointment at her private Silver Lake studio. nailswag@gmail.com. —Bren Lee Gomez

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