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Best Boutique (on the Super Ghetto Cheap) Los Angeles 2008 

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You've got a date to hike Runyon, you hate your wardrobe and you're broke. Don't panic. The little shop next to Trader Joe's on Santa Monica Boulevard at Fuller sells a decent selection of American Apparel seconds, among other various cotton-jersey wares, for a fraction of American Apparel prices. They have tees galore, for men and women — waffle henleys, oversize tri-blend cardigans and, my favorite, the long-sleeve raglan tee, in a variety of colors, preferably two sizes too big, for that Flashdance-sexy, oops, my shirt accidentally slipped off my shoulder thing. Sure, there's the odd pinhole and the occasional fraying seam, but many of the pieces are flaw-free, at least to my untrained, though still aesthetically astute, eye. Yoga leggings, Thai fisherman's pants, socks, sunglasses, cheap luggage — these items fill in the spaces between the cap-sleeved tunics and the fleece hoodies at the otherwise easily overlooked mini-mall boutique my best friend and I have christened "The Store."

—Dani Katz

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