Best Of L.A. 2013 

It’s nearly impossible to cover a city this sprawling — 470 square miles of awesomeness, 6,499 miles of streets and 3.7 million residents, all of them seemingly on the 405 every time we need to get to the Skirball Center.

And so for this year's Best of L.A. issue, we brought in some gifted reinforcements -- a crackerjack team capable of leaping over skyscrapers, tossing aside all those freeway-clogging cars, and flying from San Pedro to Santa Clarita with only a cape for propulsion. They picked the best hiking trail, the best spa, the best lobster roll, and even the best mausoleum for a photo op -- 440 items in all, making this our biggest and best issue yet.

The craziest part? L.A. is so amazing, we still barely scratched the surface.

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  • Dia de Campo in Hermosa Beach
    Named after the Portuguese phrase for “field day,” Dia de Campo is the third in what is becoming a small restaurant empire for chef Tin Vuong and restaurateur Jed Sanford, the team behind gastropub Abigail, also in Hermosa Beach, Culver City’s WildCraft Pizza and Manhattan Beach’s Little Sister. At Dia de Campo, Vuong, along with executive chef Ken Johnson, tackles Mexican cooking, with an emphasis on seafood.
  • Ktown Night Market: Ramen Burgers Meet K-Pop in L.A.
    This weekend a flurry of food, artists, vendors, and more swept through Koreatown with a colorful display of Korean culture with some local L.A. flair at the first Ktown Night Market. Each night was full of musical performances, games and prizes, shopping, socializing, and of course, eating! A delicious assortment of Korean cuisine including ramen burgers, musubi, and Korean barbecue just to name a few were all the rage and kept people coming back for more all weekend long. All photos by Sammi Cohen.
  • Disney Cosplay at Wondercon 2014
    At Wondercon, there seemed to be a princess at every turn! All photos by Star Foreman.

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