Best Place to Shop Like a Housewife (2013)

Kyle by Alene Too

You can't swing a dead pocket dog these days without hitting a chintzy product being peddled by one of the Real Housewives, but lucky for us, in Beverly Hills, the standards seem a bit higher. (But of course.) Case in point: Housewife Kyle Richards has turned her fame and love of shopping into Kyle by Alene Too, a high-end boutique that's the perfect place for channeling your inner Bravolebrity. Richards had a heavy hand in curating the store's merchandise, infusing the entire floor with her snazzy style. The shop carries everything from tank tops to ball gowns, so whatever the occasion, you'll find something stamped with approval by Paris Hilton's aunt. Feel like a full afternoon of making like a lady who lunches? Pop down a block to Villa Blanca, a restaurant owned by frenemy and fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump. Andy Cohen would be so proud. 9647 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 90210. (310) 278-6200, —Ali Trachta

Location Details

9647 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills CA 90210


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