So what is chef Ludo Lefebvre's Trois Mec, exactly? A high-priced, fine-dining restaurant in Hollywood, featuring only a single tasting menu? A casual hole-in-the-wall with counter service, where the cooks act as waiters and the preferred soundtrack is hip-hop? Or is it a dream restaurant, the natural culmination of a trend in which chefs present exactly the food they want, in the setting they've chosen, with no compromise given to the traditional trappings of restaurants? Yes, yes and yes. This is not the overly precious cooking of the avant-garde: There are no sauce swooshes or pretentious platings or the sense that what you're consuming might be visual art rather than dinner. This is food that has moved beyond those trappings into a realm where the pure pleasure of eating trumps all. Trois Mec is the most exciting, most fun, most delicious restaurant to open in L.A. in recent memory, simple as that. 716 N. Highland Ave., Hlywd., —Besha Rodell

Location Details

716 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90038


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