Were you to blindfold a Midwesterner, fly him cross-country, and remove his blindfold to reveal St. Nick's, he likely would swear he was on his hometown block, at his neighborhood bar. And that's a good thing! California may have perfected healthy living, the farm-to-table restaurant and the yoga studio, but it's in the nation's cold, Rust Belt cities that bars have reached Platonic perfection. At St. Nick's, as at any good neighborhood bar, the clientele is as friendly as it is random (umm, have you seen the dude in the Old West sheriff's garb? Hang out here long enough, and you will). The drinks aren't cheap, per se, but they're poured with a heavy hand. And the atmosphere is as unpretentious and fun as they come. Throw some classic rock on the jukebox, sink back into that worn, velour-lined booth and have another. In the Midwest, no one gets up early to salute the sun. 8450 W. Third St., Beverly Grove. (323) 655-6917. —Sarah Fenske

Location Details

8450 W. Third St.
Los Angeles CA 90048


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