Best Underground Westside Comedy Club (2013)


To attend monthly comedy event Crave, go to the website, RSVP to get the location, show up to the (secret) address and enter via the back alley, through a small opening in a fence. An outdoor patio leads to the venue, a crude, loud, hangarlike space, with Alice in Wonderland touches such as an enormous flower. Comedian Alex Hooper founded Crave after previously organizing comedy shows on a rooftop, which got him arrested. The comedy portion features a dependable array of L.A. alternative comedians; that's followed by a dance party — hence the name, a merging of comedy and rave. It's not the most intimate of comedy venues, but that can mean more raucousness and spontaneity. Oh, and there are acrobats. —Zachary Pincus-Roth


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