We could count on three hands the number of theater companies deserving to be called "the best" — for any number of reasons. But if longevity, clarity of purpose and excellence in technique are to be considered priorities, Critical Mass Performance Group fits the bill. Writer-director-choreographer Nancy Keystone's gypsy troupe has been around since 1985, presenting dance-theater works on moral-ethical themes ranging from the Soviet repression of Russian poets (The Akhmatova Project) to meditations on the Apollo space program to the former Nazi scientists who helped get us to the moon (Apollo) to Alcestis, based on the Greek myth about a wife who volunteers to take her husband's place in the underworld. In addition to performing in L.A.'s small venues, the company has been invited to perform at the Kirk Douglas Theatre and Portland Center Stage. Location varies. (323) 993-7263, criticalmassperformancegroup.com. —Steven Leigh Morris

Location Details

9070 Venice Blvd.
Culver City CA 90232


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