Best Place to Pretend You're a Celebrity for a Day (2013)

Villa Sophia

At the Villa Sophia guesthouse in Los Feliz, it's possible to live like a celebrity with none of the hassle. The poolside retreat is part of a larger, private compound at the base of Griffith Park, and which was once owned by James Whale (director of the original Frankenstein movie), and features lush gardens, an indoor fireplace, a steam shower and a swimming pool with attached hot tub. Every view is spectacular: the downtown skyline, Griffith Observatory, the rooftops of the lesser wealthy down the hill. While the grounds routinely serve as a backdrop for photo shoots and film, the Villa Sophia guesthouse is quietly, fantastically available for rent. Prices begin at just less than $400 and rise from there, depending upon availability. Not a bad price to live like a celebrity for a day. 4565 Dundee Drive, Los Feliz. (213) 300-9055, —Farley Elliott

Location Details

4565 Dundee Dr.
Los Angeles CA 90027


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