Best Hollywood Star's Shrine to Himself (2013)

Al Jolson

Al Jolson, who revolutionized American pop music in the 1920s with his supercharged belting — and who famously performed in blackface — was both an intensely dynamic, self-possessed artist and an over-the-top megalomaniac with a gargantuan ego, and he planned accordingly, creating an absolutely staggering grave-site monument. Featuring a statue of himself, arms extended and down on one knee ("Mammy!") a domed, 30-foot-high pavilion, massive sarcophagus and a six-tiered cascading fountain that stretches at least 150 feet down a steep hillside, Jolson has achieved a marvelously bizarre immortality. Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, 6001 W. Centinela Ave., Culver City. —Jonny Whiteside

Location Details

6001 W. Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90045


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