L.A. has no shortage of globe-trotting spinners, from Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia to the American superstar du jour, Skrillex. Locals from Trent Cantrelle to Steve Prior, DJ Ruff to Droog can play a damn solid set, too. But, frankly, Kazell — the Brit-born Kevin Bazell — is L.A.'s only Michelin three-star chef de electronic cuisine. Maybe it's his experience touring the nation and parts of the world as an opener for such DJ's DJs as Sasha and John Digweed. But Kazell seems to understand that taking a club from silence to madness is a skill lost on the push-button, one-hour headliners who grace the festival circuit with their aural money shots. Subtle grooves give way to twisted, peak-hour monsters with Kazell, and you won't even realize you've just turned the corner. You can find him on occasional Saturdays at Avalon Hollywood. kazell.com. —Dennis Romero


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