Your sweet tooth has not seen a confectionery store with so much liquid candy since Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory — although, fortunately, at Rocket Fizz there are no creepy Oompa Loompas. Instead there's a superior collection of novelty soda pop in such tempting varieties as Buffalo Wing Rootbeer, Snooki's limited-edition Wild Cherry Soda and Cock's Cola (as in the rooster, people). Craving a more familiar libation? There are always classics in vintage bottles, such as Pepsi, RC and Duff Beer (that's a classic, right?). Working up a thirst for all this soda is easy; there's international candy galore stocked on every shelf. Seriously, you could sit here all day and still not get through all the different Kit Kat ethnicities. There's also a plethora of vintage-inspired Coca-Cola, beer, music and movie signs and other nostalgic memorabilia to take home to show your friends what a hipster you are. 1067 Broxton Ave., Wstwd. (310) 208-4509,

—Orly Minazad

Location Details

1067 Broxton Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90024


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