Best Place to Buy an Autographed Memoir Dedicated to Someone Else (2012)

Counterpoint Records & Books

Clean and bright Counterpoint Records & Books features broad aisles stacked with desirable volumes and vinyl. It's also reasonably priced. Recently we've scored volumes of some seriously great American literature from the 1930s and '40s — Agee and Algren, Chandler and Hemingway — at no more than $5 a pop. You will find current titles, too, as Hollywood Hills creative types cash in their book signing–party swag here. If not precisely the book you're seeking, you will find something special, and if the author's dedicated it to "my dearest friend," all the more so. 5911 Franklin Ave., Hlywd. (323) 957-7965,

—Howie Stier

Location Details

5911 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90068


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