Best Non-Fast Food Drive-Thru (2012)

Sunny Grill

People go to drive-thrus for the same reasons that they read Harry Potter books — because it's easy, and because they can. And we get it. Picking up lunch without having to get out of your car is pretty damn convenient. But wouldn't it be nice if there were a place that handed out something other than processed, saturated-fat sandwiches through its pickup window? Thankfully, there is. Sunny Grill in Culver City is a fantastic, quick-casual restaurant that serves dozens of healthy options, and does so through an incredibly expedient drive-thru window. Choose from salmon sandwiches, turkey burgers, sole or chicken salads or even a good old BLT on wheat. While the menu favors healthy decision-making, options like hot dogs and cheesy quesadillas are available for those who aren't nutrition-obsessed. Excellent milkshakes, too. After a veggie burger, hey, you've earned it. 12035 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista. (310) 390-8989.

–Ali Trachta

Location Details

12035 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90066


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